ICLEI Europe Service Package

Sustainable Energy and Climate Protection

Local and regional / provincial governments are progressively engaging in climate change mitigation and adaptation. This requires careful planning, extensive coordination and management integration, as well as the capacity to act – at decision-making and staff levels, and in a budgetary context.

Responding to the call for support from these governments, and in its capacity as a local government network addressing sustainability at community level and as a Supporting Structure to the Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI Europe developed its Support Service Package.

Our multi-disciplinary team has a wide range thematic expertise, covering the following:

Activity areas:

  • Greenhouse gas inventory guidance
  • Target setting
  • Action planning – multiple themes
  • Implementation guidance
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Themes and sectors:

  • Local government operations / government sector
  • Community area
  • Inter-connections between government levels
  • International focus - advocacy
  • Energy
  • Buildings
  • Mobility
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Climate change adaptation
  • People: Urban Governance – Local Agenda 21
  • Policy: Integrated Management – Sustainability Management
  • Technology: Information - Selection
  • Measures: Information - Selection
  • Money: Sustainable Procurement - EcoBudget

Tools offered:

  • CCP Europe Climate Toolkit (basic) – free service for all CCP participants, please register here to download toolkit

Fee-for-service support offered:

  • Awareness-raising on key issues (expert presentation or workshop programme)
  • Staff training
  • Capacity development of decision-makers
  • SWOT analyses
  • Policy development support
  • Action planning guidance
  • Training workshops
  • Expert roundtables
  • Thematic conferences



Coordinator of the European CCP

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